Packing service and packing materials

For our customers who want to book a packing service London with us, we offer a purchase of packing materials. You can buy boxes of various sizes – small, medium, and large ones. You can use them for different types of items – books, documents, clothes, bedding, etc. For protection of your clothes we offer wardrobe boxes – they resemble a real wardrobe and prevent your garments from getting wrinkled. We offer packing tape. For your valuable china, antiques, and fragile items you can purchase bubble wrap. Consider the amount of your items, check out our prices and book your packing service London with Viva Removals.

If you choose to pack on your own we give you just this few useful tips – do not overload the boxes, do not put the heaviest items on top, and make sure you wrap up all fragile objects. It will be useful if you put labels on all boxes so you know exactly what is where and do not have to waste time looking for specific items when arranging time comes.

Packing usually takes a lot of time so plan this in advance and do not pack in a hurry. Spend more time on packing so you make it easier when the unpacking time comes. Once ready for your removal Viva Removals will do the rest!


Packing service London